The Guildhall Brecon Powys LD3 7AL

The Guildhall

The Guildhall has occupied the same site for 700 years and has undergone many changes since. In 1556 the Royal Charter of Philip and Mary defined Brecon as a Corporate Town which allowed the town to appoint Bailiffs and Aldermen who were the forerunners of present day Mayors. The replacement of the first Guildhall which consisted of a two storey wooden building took place in 1623 by John Abel. By 1770 a replacement of Abel’s building was needed and was carried out, on the same site, by builder Andrew Maund. In the early 19th century the building housed an armoury, a market hall and court. Another renovation was completed in 1888 giving the form which we see today, which includes a Council Chamber on the ground floor and Theatre on the first floor.

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