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Henry Vaughan, Poet and Physician
Heritage at Llansantffraed, Brecknockshire

The Society has a longstanding association with the Brecknockshire poet Henry Vaughan. We look after his grave in Llansantffraed churchyard and help to keep his memory alive, including through events at Llansantffraed Church. In doing this, we work with other bodies, in particular Llansantffraed Church Committee and The Vaughan Association. The Llansantffraed site is an important part of the cultural heritage of Brecknockshire and an interesting place to visit.

About Henry Vaughan

Llansantffraed Church

Llansantffraed Church

Henry Vaughan was born in Llansantffraed near Talybont-on-Usk, Brecknockshire in 1621.  He studied and travelled outside Wales but chose to live most of his life in the rural Usk valley where he practiced medicine and developed his poetic skills. He died in 1695 and is buried in Llansantffraed Churchyard.

As a poet, he drew inspiration from the power and mystery of the universe and his rural environment.  Many of his poems reflect the love he felt towards the distinctive landscape around Llansantffraed - now in the Brecon Beacons National Park.  His literary work is recognised internationally as effective, visionary and influential.

More on his life and work

The site of Henry Vaughan's Grave

The site of Henry Vaughan's Grave

The recently published book on Henry Vaughan and the Usk Valley provides a good description of Henry Vaughan's life and work, including descriptions and pictures of the locality and a selection of his poems with commentaries.

Henry Vaughan's grave

The Grave of Henry Vaughan is at the highest point of the churchyard where it can overlook the River Usk. The simple inscribed slab of local stone is supported on a low masonry plinth under the shadow of an ancient yew tree. The grave is classified in its own right as a Grade II nationally important monument.

About the site

The site is recognised both for its historical significance and its setting above Llansantffraed Church and the Usk valley.  Siegfried Sassoon immortalised this place in his poem - At the Grave of Henry Vaughan. The site is about one mile from Talybont on Usk and the popular Henry Vaughan Walk. Car parking is available in the A40 lay-by nearby.

Memorial Event for Henry Vaughan in 2015

Memorial Event for Henry Vaughan in 2015

Events linked to Henry Vaughan

Llansantffraed Church is currently closed due to restrictions with the Coronavirus outbreak.   There is usually an annual service and wreath-laying to commemorate the death Henry Vaughan Memorial in late April.  In 2021, we also commemorate the 400th anniversary on the birth of Henry Vaughan and his brother Thomas.  An on-line celebration of the work of the two brothers, organised by the Vaughan Association and including wreath-laying by the Society, will be held on Sunday 25 April from 4.00 to 6.00pm.  Click here for details of the programme and registration.

Visiting Llansantffraed

The Churchyard is always open. The Church is a Victorian architectural gem (click for photos of interior and some details). It is currently closed under the Government's and Church in Wales Coronavirus restrictions.  In normal times other than for services, the church is locked for security reasons, except on advertised 'church open' days.   When the church is locked, some information on the church and Henry Vaughan can be found in the church porch.

Henry Vaughan visitor area

Dr Rowan Williams opening the Henry Vaughan Visitor Centre

Dr Rowan Williams opening the Visitor Centre

When the Church is open, visitors or the local community can learn about the life and works of Henry Vaughan in the visitor area at the back of the Church where there are three Information Boards about Henry Vaughan - (1) his life in the locality, and (2) the landscape and (3) the wildlife of the Beacons environment which inspired his poetry.  The Visitor Area also has books and other information on Vaughan and his poems, and guides on the church and other places associated with Vaughan.

The Visitor Area is an initiative of the Friends of Llansantffraed Church and was opened in April 2017. It was funded by The Brecon Beacons Trust with the Brecknock Society and Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship also contributing.

The Society's contact for Llansantffraed is Dr Mervyn Bramley (Contact - email: mervyn.bramley@icloud.com).  The Church is the responsibility of Llansantffraed Church Committee (Churchwarden, Mrs Sandra Briskham)

Friends of Llansantffraed Church

Anyone who wants to help the Church Committee to keep the church building in good repair and in use, but is not a member of the congregation, should consider becoming a Friend. Click here for details.

Restoration and Access Project

In 2014/15, the Society led a project to restore the Henry Vaughan grave and repair its cracked inscribed slab. No identifiable organisation or person was legally responsible for the grave. Specialist stone conservators - Elliot Ryder Conservation of Tregaron carried out the restoration. Their conservation report is available here. The area adjacent to the grave was repaved and a new gravel path laid up to it with an information board at the site.

The £10,600 cost was raised through a grant from the Brecon Beacons Trust, plus donations from the Brecknock Society & Museum Friends, the Vaughan Association, Brecon Medical Group Practice, the Gibbs Trust, and private individuals from near and far including several in North America. JL Stephens Ltd Contractors contributed the Welsh flagstone. We thank everyone for their generosity.

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