The Guidance to Volunteers is given in the main Interim Guidance document and seven Annexes with more detailed information.  The main document is sufficient to help volunteers get underway with their tasks.  It will be updated from time to time.  Some of the Annexes have yet to be completed, and some are currently being updated.  Volunteers will be notified when any update is posted on this webpage.

interim Guidance Document (PDF)


  1. Digital touchscreen tablet – Blackbox-av Specification
  2. The Vision for Y Gaer (PDF 05.11.18)
  3. Examples of Interpretive Text (PDF 16.11.18)
  4. Collecting and saving text, images and audio-video (PDF 18.11.18)
  5. Glossary
  6. Copyright and acknowledgement
  7. Hints for collecting text / images / sounds – this Annex is now merged with Annex D

Updated 19.11.18

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