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The Interpretation Project led by the Brecknock Society and Museum Friends (BS&MF) in co-operation with Powys

Example of a digital label on a touch-screen

Example of a digital label on a touch-screen

CC museum staff is providing 46 digital touch-screen terminals (see image) in the galleries of the refurbished Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery in y Gaer. At each terminal, visitors are able to find touch-screen displays that interpret key exhibits to be seen nearby. These so-called 'digital labels' enhance the visitor experience by adding both interest and depth to the limited information that is traditionally provided on printed labels for exhibits in museum and art galleries.

Digital touch-screens

The digital touch-screen terminals together with their customised software and secure mountings are being supplied by Blackbox-av of Port Talbot - specialists in digital displays. These are funded through a grant to BS&MF awarded by the Garfield Weston Foundation.

The volunteer team

The BS&MF works with a team of volunteers from across Breconshire to assist with researching, assembling and managing interpretative material on selected objects that will be covered by the digital touch-screens. Please read our Invitation to Potential Volunteers if you think one of the volunteer tasks may interest you. The BS&MF has been given a list of 347 objects that are being exhibited in the refurbished Brecon, Brycheiniog, Temporary Exhibition and Permanent Exhibition Galleries, the Courtroom and the Schoolroom to work on by the Museum curator.  Some further objects may follow.

Project activities and timescales

The Interpretation Project currently runs from April 2018 to the end of September 2020, but this will be extended due to slower progress during the Covid-19 pandemic when access to the Museum has been closed or restricted.  Research work by an initial group of volunteers started in October 2018 and we still welcome further volunteers.  The digital touch-screen terminals were installed in November 2019. The project produced main digital labels for a selection of objects covered by each digital terminal by the time y Gaer opened in December 2019.  The Museum reopened after lockdown at end July 2020.  The digital touch-screens are currently displaying approximately 250 temporary 'no-touch' Main labels.  Work is continuing on producing and uploading more digital labels to provide interpretation for all 347 objects.


The project process for carrying out the research and assembly of interpretative material, and for other activities involved in delivering outputs from the Interpretation Project to the refurbished Museum & Art Gallery is shown in a process diagram.

Details of objects in the Interpretation Project

These are summarised in a master 'List of objects' (Excel spreadsheet) and in PDF files of 'Object images' (see Supporting documents, item 5). Some of original pages exported from the Museum's Modes database for the Interpretation Project can be accessed here as JPEGs. These contain higher resolution images of most of the objects up to Int 311; for objects numbers Int 312 onwards, please contact Liz Bickerton or Mervyn Bramley (contact details below).   There are no Modes pages for the Natural History objects (animals, birds and plants) - they are all listed in a PDF file and images of the plants can be accessed as a JPEG for each of the three habitats covered by the display cases (see Supporting documents, item 10).

Allocation of specific objects to specific volunteers

The Project Team seeks to allocate appropriate objects for each volunteer to deal with. This process is co-ordinated by Liz Bickerton and the master 'List of objects'  (Excel spreadsheet) will be updated from time to time to show which objects are allocated or still unallocated.

Completed Main digital labels

The master 'List of objects' also indicates which Main digital labels have now been drafted and submitted by their volunteer.  After submission, sign off by the Curator, and translation, the completed English and Welsh text can be seen on the relevant Translation Sheet - see Supporting Documents, Item 11.

BS&MF Principal Contacts

BS&MF Principal Contacts for the Interpretation Project are:

Mervyn Bramley, Project Manager
Tel: 01874 665267
email: mervyn.bramley@icloud.com

Liz Bickerton, Volunteer matters
Tel: 01874 636926
email: liz.bickerton@btinternet.com

Updated 28.08.2020

Supporting documents:

  1. Invitation to Potential Volunteers from BS&MF as we continue to build up the volunteer team.
  2. Volunteer Form in Word or PDF form for registering interest to be an Interpretation Project volunteer.
  3. List of objects in Interpretation Project (Excel file) (v13 10.07.20) - currently containing 347 objects to be exhibited in the Brecon and Brycheiniog Galleries, the Art Galleries, the Courtroom, the Hall and the Schoolroom. The objects that have now been allocated to Volunteers are highlighted in Column C of the full list.
  4. Pages of files of objects exported from Museum Modes and other databases (medium resolution jpegs of each page of the files of objects exported for the Interpretation Project from the Museum’s Modes and other databases).
  5. Object Images - view/download (a) 60 objects ('Bre' Int 1 - 60) in the Brecon Gallery; (b) 76 objects ('Bry' Int 61 - 136)  in the Brycheiniog Gallery; (c) 44 artworks in the Permanent Art Gallery; (d) 10 artworks in the Courtroom (4 artworks are duplicated in the Brecon and Brycheiniog Gallery lists); (e) 10 objects ('Sch' Int 197 - 206) in the Schoolroom; (f) 9 objects ('Crm DC' Int 207 - 213, 310 & 311) in the Courtroom display case; (f) 7 objects ('Bry BDC' Int 214 - 220) in the Builth display case in the Brycheiniog Gallery; (g) 10 objects ('Bre Cer' Int 221 - 230) in the Ceramics display in the Brecon Gallery; (h) 15 objects (‘Extras’ Int 231 - 245) added in Nov 2020 throughout the Galleries; (i) 6 objects ('Hall' Int 312 - 317) in the Entrance Hall; (j) 30 objects ('Bry Extras' Int 320 - 343 & 356 - 359) in the Brycheiniog Gallery); (k) 11 objects ('Bre Extras' Int 345 - 355) in the Brecon Gallery.
  6. Process for delivery of outputs to y Gaer from the Interpretation Project.
  7. Layout of Museum & Art Gallery - Brecon and Brycheiniog Galleries and Ground floor plan of the Museum & Art Gallery.
  8. Volunteer Timesheet in Word or PDF form.
  9. Guidance to Volunteers on research and assembling interpretative material - Guidance document (12 pages; v6 27.08.20), together with seven Annexes (A to G), each of which can be viewed/downloaded separately.
  10. Details of Natural History objects - List of objects (birds, animals, plants) exhibited in each case (moorland crag, woodland and stream, lake edge and field).  JPEG images of plants can be accessed here.
  11. Text in English and Welsh of all completed Main digital labels - Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4, Sheet 5, Sheet 6, Sheet 7, Sheet 8, Sheet 9, Sheet 10, Sheet 11, Sheet 12, Sheet 13, Sheet 14, Sheet 15, Sheet 16, Sheet 17, Sheet 18, Sheet 19, Sheet 20, Sheet 21, Sheet 22, Sheet 23, Sheet 24, Sheet 25.  See the List of Objects (Item 1. above) to find which Translation Sheet contains the text for any particular Object.
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