Refurbishment of Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery

Conservation & Display Project

The Conservation and Display project has two components. These have been fully funded through generous contributions totalling £61,300 from charities, local trusts and many individuals made via the BS&MF and Brecknock Art Trust. Our appeal for funding for this project closed in November 2018. Click below on any of the specific items for details.

  1. Specialist conservation of nine significant objects
    A1. Gorsedd stone
    A2. Pillar box
    A3. Drinking trough
    A4. Powder testing mortar
    A5. Artwork - Portrait of John Jeffreys Pratt
    A6. Stump stitchwork picture
    A7. Straw work box
    A8. Statue of Boadicea
    A9. Welsh harp
  2. Additional display cabinets to be made and purchased
    B1. Further display cabinets for museum
    B2. Specially-designed cabinet for storage and display of watercolour paintings

The conservation work is now largely complete. The objects and new cabinets will be in place in the refurbished Museum & Art Gallery when it opens. This webpage will be updated with images of all these items as conserved or supplied in due course.

January 2019

The Brecknock Society and Museum Friends/Cymdeithas a Chyfeillion yr Amgueddfa. Reg Charity No 518041