Y Gaer opening in 2019

View of the restored Assize Court at Brecknock Museum, from the Shire Hall

Although y Gaer, comprising the refurbished Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery and a new Brecon Library, did not open in 2018 as planned at the start of the construction contract, it has been most exciting to see the external features of the building emerge. During 2018, the conservation and construction work on y Gaer has seen the Assize Court reconstructed and the new museum fit-out and display cases installed, ready for the museum and art gallery collections to be redeployed in 2019.

The BS&MF and the Brecknock Art Trust are the local funding partners for that element of y Gaer that comprises the Museum & Art Gallery and, together, have been able to make significant financial and in-kind contributions. See our webpage on Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery for details.

Further information on y Gaer is given on Powys CC’s website. See its webpage on Volunteering for details about the roles of y Gaer Volunteers working alongside council staff in running y Gaer, and an online application form. The BS&MF encourages its members to consider supporting the operation of the Museum and Art Gallery through becoming y Gaer Volunteers. Note also that a stand-alone website will be available for y Gaer when it is opens.

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