‘The Beaufort Estate in Breconshire: A Glimpse’: Meeting Report


Having had two very successful one-day conferences in 2017, held in conjunction with university research groups, 2018 saw the innovation of Brecknock Society and Museum Friends (BS&MF) study-days organised with different local history societies. The first of these was on Saturday 12 May, when the BS&MF combined with the Llangynidr Local History Society for a meeting in Llangynidr Village Hall. As the keynote speaker, Dr Ann Benson provided a very good account of her research on the history of the Somerset family, who became the dukes of Beaufort from 1682, and who possessed significant holdings in south-east Breconshire. She traced their connections with south Wales from the perspective of the family ownership, successively, of Raglan Castle, Troy House near Monmouth, and, finally, Llangattock Court. I, as a member of both Societies, then provided a description of the Beaufort Estate in the parish of Llangynidr, this based largely on the remarkable estate survey of 1587, and its successor of 1760. Then followed a walk through the hamlet of Cyffredyn and a visit to Worcester Cottage, the fishing lodge of the dukes of Beaufort from the 1870s until the sale of the Breconshire estates in 1916.


  1. Christopher Thomas says

    My grandfather was Thomas Parry Jenkins (1892-1974) – his father was William Jenkins, who kept the Star Inn, Bwlch, before WW1, and his mother was Mary Parry of Llangynydir. Mary kept the Star herself until 1940 after her husband’s early death in 1915. Mary’s brother, my grandfather’s uncle, was Willie Parry of Worcester Cottage. I have often wondered about the influence of the Beaufort estate on my grandfather’s early life – in 1911 he was enumerated as a ‘waggoner’ at Glas Fynydd Farm, Cray, and in 1915 he was a ‘farm servant’ at Windmill Farm, Weobley Castle on Gower. Were either of these farms in the ownership of the Beaufort Estate? There is a mention in the family that he was taken on at a ‘hiring fair’ in Brecon at about this time. Where can I read about Brecon hiring fair? With thanks.

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