Review of Brecknock Society Events Autumn 2021

11 September: Visit to Cwm Du Church. A party of members visited the village of Cwm Du, with the main emphasis being on the St Michael’s Church with its sixth-century memorial stone and its links to The Rev Thomas Price (Carnhuanawc). Much relevant information can be found in the BS&MF Occasional Paper 14 by Jeremy Bevan (here) and Occasional paper 17 by William Gibbs. BS&MF (here).

2 October: A celebration at the Muse of ‘The Rich History of Brecon’s Theatre’. Presentations by William Gibbs, Catherine Hindson, and Jayne Gold. This is available by clicking here.

30 October: Launch at the Muse of ‘A Last Respect’, an anthology published by Seren of poems written by winners of the Roland Mathias Prize over the fifteen years of its existence This is available by clicking here.

1 December: A Talk via Zoom by Dr Gill Wakley on Plas Gunter in Abergavenny.