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Interpretation Project - Museum Modes export pages

The Museum has passed several large PDF files to the BS&MF - exported from its Modes database - each containing details of groups of objects to be covered by the Interpretation Project. In order to make these more manageable for others to download from this website, we have broken each of these PDF files down into its component pages. JPEGs of any page can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant page number below.

These page numbers are the same as those shown in the master Excel file title "Interpretation Project - List of Objects being allocated for interpretation" (Column A) which can be downloaded from the main Interpretation Project webpage.

Modes Export File Click on Page Number to Dowload
File Bre 1 Page Bre 1.1 Bre 1.2 Bre 1.3 Bre1.4 Bre 1.5 Bre 1.6
File Bre 2 Page Bre 2.1 Bre 2.2 Bre 2.3 Bre 2.4 Bre 2.5  
File Bry 1 Page Bry 1.1 Bry 1.2 Bry 1.3 Bry 1.4 Bry 1.5  
File Bry 2 Page Bry 2.1 Bry 2.2 Bry 2.3 Bry 2.4 Bry 2.5 Bry 2.6
File Bry 3 Page Bry 3.1 Bry 3.2 Bry 3.3 Bry 3.4    


Updated 19.10.18