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Submissions can take the form of ‘Articles’, ‘Notes and Queries’, or ‘Letters to the Editor’ (the latter relating to material contained within Brycheiniog and which carry the debate or discussion forward).

All submissions should make a distinct contribution to the knowledge of contemporary audiences and to future generations. Submissions may contain new research, new analysis (which may relate to synthesising and annotating diffuse data), and/or new thought from the author on a suitable topic.

Personal perspectives, providing a record of experiences and impressions, are welcome where they add to and develop current knowledge and may not otherwise survive for posterity.

For all papers, an introduction needs to set out the aims and this should include enough context and background material to make the subject explicable to an interested general reader. Jargon and specialised terminology should be kept to a minimum and, where it is used, explained adequately for comprehension by non-specialists. For longer articles the use of sub-headings is required.

Articles should be in reasonable depth and preferably be illustrated.

Notes and Queries should be shorter than Articles and can contain illustrations.

Letters to the Editor can include illustrations where they are necessary to make a point that cannot be explained in the text. Letters to the Editor will be edited for length depending upon available space.

Manuscripts are acceptable in both English and Welsh. For Welsh manuscripts, a short abstract in English must be provided for publication to follow the article in the journal, and a complete English translation of the article is to be provided for publication online.

Manuscript submission

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts electronically to the Editor at maw@globalnet.co.uk. Electronic submissions should be sent as email attachments using a MS Word compatible word-processing program. If email submission is not possible, please send an electronic version on CD.

Research articles (and, where appropriate, Notes and Queries) should be presented in the following order: title page; keywords; main text; appendices (as appropriate); acknowledgements; end notes; references; table(s) with caption(s) (on individual pages); figure caption(s) (as a list). The text can contain an indication of the desired location of any table or figure.

All authors of a manuscript should include their full names, affiliations, postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses on the cover page of the manuscript (not for publication). One author should be identified as the corresponding author. All persons who have a reasonable claim to authorship must be named in the manuscript as co-authors; the corresponding author must be authorised by all co-authors to act as an agent on their behalf in all matters pertaining to publication of the manuscript, and the order of names should be agreed by all authors.

Authors must not embed image files, end notes or any other material within their manuscript but please include an indication of the desired location in square brackets. Notes need only have the relevant number in square brackets.

Where an article features a specific location and/or reference (such as a manuscript), please consider providing details of public accessibility/access for those who may want to visit or read further about the topic of the article. These details should appear in the end notes.

Please provide a short biography for each author and contact details required (if any) for publication All correspondence relating to book reviews should be addressed to Dr Mike Williams, Editor, Brycheiniog, Tir Deweunydd, Ystradfellte, Aberdare, CF44 9JB.

Copyright and authors' rights

In accord with normal practice for learned journals, you will be asked to assign to us, via a Publishing Agreement, the copyright in your article. Your Article is defined as including the abstract, text, end notes, references, all accompanying tables, illustrations, data, and media, together with any supplemental material, which the Society agrees to host on any website that it owns or controls.

The author will be sent a complimentary PDF copy of the published article. Rights permitted to the author for this PDF copy (including specific publication rights) are detailed in the Publishing Agreement along with the author’s warranties and undertakings in relation to the originality of the work.

Privacy protection and ethical policy

The article must not contain any personal details that would expressly breach the expected privacy of any third-party individual, institution, company, or likewise.

Brycheiniog normally accepts submissions on the following basis: the manuscript is the author(s)’ own original work, and does not duplicate any other previously published work (by the author(s) or otherwise) unless stated and permission obtained; the manuscript is not currently under consideration or peer review or accepted for publication or in press or published elsewhere.