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Refurbishment of Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery
Appeal for funding the Conservation & Display Project

View of Cultural Hub Brecon

View of y Gaer Brecon

Renovation of the Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery is currently underway as part of the y Gaer project. This is led by Powys County Council and supported by a number of partners, including the Heritage Lottery Fund and Brecknock Society and Museum Friends (BS&MF). Background information can be found here.

In order to keep costs of the work on y Gaer down, some specific items were left out and are to be funded as additional projects through separate appeals. Collectively, the partners in the project have taken up the challenge of raising these additional funds - together totaling £300,000.

Statue of Boadicea

Statue of Boadicea

Additional BS&MF-led projects   For BS&MF's part, and taking advantage of our status as a charity, we are seeking to raise £121,700 for items associated with the refurbishment of the Museum & Art Gallery.

Our fund raising falls under two main headings:
Interpretation Project (£60.0K plus a contribution in kind
from volunteers). We are raising this funding from major grant-making trusts - more information on the Interpretation Project can be found here.
Conservation & Display Project (£61.7K). For the latter project we are seeking support from individuals and local trusts as explained below.

The Conservation & Display Project has two components - see below. We launched the public appeal for this Project on 10 August 2017. We are now close to reaching our target and have commenced conservation of most objects. When we reach our target, we will close the appeal. Please consider making a donation - no matter how small:

The prospectus for the Conservation & Display Project shows all of the above items - click here to view or download.

To make a donation   A form for sending or handing over cheque, cash or Postal Order donations can be found here. As we are a charity, donations made by UK taxpayers can benefit from Gift Aid.

A 'Statement of Principles' for the funding that we raise through this appeal for the Conservation & Display Project and how it is accounted for can be found here.

BS&MF Contacts for this appeal:

John Gibbs Tel No: 01874 730747 e.mail: please enable javascript to view
Elizabeth Bickerton Tel No: 01874 636926 e.mail: please enable javascript to view


John Gibbs
Chairman, Seprember 2018